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8 Books to Inspire Your Teaching

Hey Educators & Free Spirits! I haven't written a post about teaching in awhile because I've been totally immersed in full time parenting. It's been such a beautiful & ever-changing journey, with many challenges and many moments that I wish I could just freeze and bask in forever. With some of you having over a… Continue reading 8 Books to Inspire Your Teaching

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Children’s Books That Inspire & Empower

Today we are fortunate to have access to a surplus of amazing children's books. Authors aren't afraid to share real life injustices with children and hopefully, by having openhearted and frank conversations with our little ones, we will raise children who seek love, peace, and social justice for all. Children's books are becoming more accessible… Continue reading Children’s Books That Inspire & Empower

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6 Ways to Engage Yourself & Your Infant

We've almost made it to the five month mark and the difference between our daughter's abilities at three months compared to now is remarkable! She is holding her head up, babbling, smiling, and engaged in the world....truly ready to explore! The first few months of parenthood we enjoyed taking our daughter out in her ergo… Continue reading 6 Ways to Engage Yourself & Your Infant

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5 Ways to Use Board Books With Your 5 Month Old

From powerful and vibrant illustrations, tackling tough subjects through storytelling, imagination building, inspirational tales, embracing unique and different, there are SO many ways to use a good children's book. When friends and family asked what they could purchase for us for our soon-to-be-born I usually replied with "Books!" When we were in the states we… Continue reading 5 Ways to Use Board Books With Your 5 Month Old

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The Free Spirit Expectant Parent Guide!

Congratulations! You are expecting a new addition to your family. Soon you will bring a baby home and if you were like us, you have NO CLUE what you actually need for the hospital (or to keep at your house if you are doing a home birth)  and once you bring your bundle home. If… Continue reading The Free Spirit Expectant Parent Guide!

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8 Free Spirit Baby Playtime Favorites

As a new parent, one can easily become OVERWHELMED by the amount of "stuff" that is sold for babies. There is a huge market for babies and a lot of companies make loads and loads of money each year capitalizing on parents wanting what is best for their little ones. Before having my daughter, I… Continue reading 8 Free Spirit Baby Playtime Favorites

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FREE LESSON-Creating an Herb Garden

One of the best ways to teach our students and children about ethical & sustainable living is by allowing them to SEE that they can make an impact on the world around them in a positive way. A wonderful way to begin changing the world is by planting a seed. A small seed grows into… Continue reading FREE LESSON-Creating an Herb Garden

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Free Spirit Learning Rhythm

In the beginning of the year, I need at least a month for my students to settle into the rhythm of the day and classroom ways  so we can form a safe and peaceful classroom environment. I consider my students my family away from home. This is my first year homeschooling and I've had a… Continue reading Free Spirit Learning Rhythm