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Cultivate Kindness

Take a moment to think about what kindness means to you.

Do you try to cultivate kindness in your life?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what it means to be kind. Does being kind mean we let things go, or let others “walk all over” us?

I don’t think so.

I believe being kind to oneself and others goes deeper.

 Kindness begins with …

-Accepting that everything is forever changing

-Realizing impermanence

-Allowing things to be as they are

-Understanding that you are part of something so much bigger than the “self”

-Looking for joy in simple, daily experiences

When we can accept ourselves and the people around us for who they are in this moment, we can cultivate kindness throughout our day.

Here are some simple ideas for you to try…

  • Listen to others when they are speaking. Learn from them. Don’t try to solve their problems. Just listen and “be” with them.
  • Say something kind. For example, “I really appreciate that you helped with the dishes today” or “Thank you for listening, I really needed that” or “I really love the colors in your outfit”.
  • Open the door for someone.
  • Reach out and HELP if someone seems to be struggling when you are at the store, a restaurant, or just looks a bit down. Start a conversation.
  • Try to recognize judgmental thoughts and let them pass. Most of our thoughts are conditioned responses, they do not define who we are.
  • Give someone a hug.
  • Invite someone over for dinner.
  • Call a relative or friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Hearing someone’s voice can help us to feel much more connected than an email or text which is much less personal.
  • Laugh, Dance, Play!
  • Volunteer. Stay active in your community. Fight to end systemic oppression.
  • Keep your heart open. In a wonderful book I read, the author inspired me with this simple phrase…Don’t throw anyone out of your heart”. To me, this means to keep an open mind. Humans make mistakes. Sometimes an apology is all we need to mend broken bridges.
  • Do good, reach out, & be the change—>without expecting anything in return.

Every moment, every day, we have the choice to bring kindness to our actions, words, and the way we greet challenges.

Choose kindness.

The world will be a much brighter place.

With heart,




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