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The Free Spirit Expectant Parent Guide!

Congratulations! You are expecting a new addition to your family.

Soon you will bring a baby home and if you were like us, you have NO CLUE what you actually need for the hospital (or to keep at your house if you are doing a home birth)  and once you bring your bundle home.

If you aren’t careful you can end up spending thousands of dollars on items that you may never use, so I’ve put together this guide of items that we used ALL the time. I hope you find it useful 🙂

For Labor/After Delivery…

1.Columbia Diaper Bag (Double-Use)-Use as your hospital bag & diaper bag!!


2. Depends-So much better than pads! Spray on Frankincense oil and line with tux pads and you’ll find relief. They cover your postpartum belly, too, and make you feel much more comfortable.


3. Balance & Serenity E.O (doTERRA E.O website)


4. Frankincense E.O (doTERRA E.O website)-make a mixture with coconut oil and put in a glass spray bottle. Massage on your vagina before labor, during, and after, to help with the bleeding.

5. Regular Squirt Bottle-it’s too painful to wipe your vagina after birth. Use a squirt bottle to clean yourself instead!

6. Comfy robe

7. Music

8. Granola Bars, Honey Sticks, & Lots of Coconut Water

9. Coconut Oil-FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Especially sore nipples.

Waiting at home…

Comfy Cloud Newborn Rock-n-Play


Plenty of Aden & Anais Muslin regular swaddles use to cover strollers, car seats, as a burp cloth, breastfeeding cover, blanket, swaddle, to cover baby from sun-this brand works the best!


One or two Aden & Anais easy swaddles

One Halo Sleep Sack

Scalp Scrub Brush


Three Infant Caps (given to us in the hospital)


Newborn Snap-on Shirts


Coconut Oil-use for baby’s skin, diaper rash, sore nipples, moisturizer for the WHOLE family!

Mylanta for Acid Lactose Rash-a dab of this bad boy on your baby’s butt will get rid of the acid from the lactose in your breast milk that can show up around your baby’s anus the first months after birth!


Baby Nose Plug & Saline Drops

Plenty of cloth or disposable diapers

Our go-to items for 3 months and up…(our daughter co-sleeps with us now)

Baby Bjorn Regular Bouncer (we started using when our daughter was 11 pounds)This is an easy to clean, ergonomic bouncer that is comfy and supports baby’s head and neck. There are three different levels and our daughter loves to sleep in it! We use it ALL the time!!!


 Fabulous Columbia Diaper Bag-Use for the hospital & beyond.We love this. Tons of space, a cooler section, changing pad, and plastic pouches to put dirty cloth diapers.


ErgoBaby Carrier-Our family lives in a hot climate and this original cotton ergo baby keeps our daughter cool and shaded when we travel outside. I love having her close and it’s comfortable to wear, too.


Coconut Oil for Baby Moisturizer & Diaper Rash


Plenty of Aden & Anais Muslin regular swaddles use to cover strollers, car seats, as a burp cloth, breastfeeding cover, blanket, swaddle, to cover baby from sun-this brand works the best!

A cuddle blanket or toy, our daughter happens to only fall asleep with this in her arms…


Helpful Tidbit…..Purchase your clothing from THRIFT SHOPS & SECONDHAND STORES! Your friends mean it when they say the babies grow out of EVERYTHING SOOOO FAST!!! Cheaper & more environmental!

*All of the above information is an OPINION and not doctor-based

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