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8 Free Spirit Baby Playtime Favorites

As a new parent, one can easily become OVERWHELMED by the amount of “stuff” that is sold for babies. There is a huge market for babies and a lot of companies make loads and loads of money each year capitalizing on parents wanting what is best for their little ones. Before having my daughter, I wasn’t sure what I’d really need to not go crazy and enjoy our time together.

Four months postpartum, I’ve realized that babies mostly just want to spend time with YOU!! There is nothing better than one on one time as your babe gazes into your eyes, listens to your voice, words and songs, and spends time studying your facial expressions.

You are the center of your baby’s universe and they love you much more than any material good you can buy. You will be the one to teach your child to be an ethical and good hearted global citizen and the importance of cultivating kindness, love and empathy.

With that said, my husband and I were very blessed with friends who made and bought very thoughtful gifts for us.

All babies are unique, so one set of “must-haves” isn’t really feasible.

However, Here is a list of my four-month old daughter’s top picks

My daughter’s FAVORITE thing to do right now is lie or sit in her bouncer underneath this handmade mobile that is tied to our ceiling fan. My good friend made it for us and it’s beautiful! I keep adding more ribbon to it, too.  It’s high enough off the ground so I don’t have to worry about my daughter pulling it down and choking (just yet, anyway). img_4401

I was really skeptical at first, because of the price, but these Sophie the giraffe teethers are the bomb. Safe, a good combination of soft and hard, and my daughter enjoys chewing the crap outta them!


This Kid O Tempo Music Set  is awesome. I pretty much love ALL Kid O products. My daughter loves when I shake them for her and she’s really interested in where the sounds come from. It’s also a good distraction during tummy time or to get her to look to the right. This is intended for ages 1+, but I wouldn’t leave my infants or toddlers alone with them at any time, just in case.


Mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors. Let’s put some color in the mix, too. These butterfly mirrors can be found at your local Dollar Store and you can purchase a cheap mirror from any thrift store. Ask your older children or students to create colorful pictures and place them on the wall. My daughter could stare for at least twenty minutes at herself and the patterns in the picture! That’s enough time to pee or do a load of laundry.


I LOVE dolls. Not sure if my daughter will, but I really like this basket of multi-cultural dolls a friend purchased for me for my shower. These dolls are by Marvel Education Company.

BIG PLUS:You can undress and wash the dolls, too.


A good friend bought me this gorgeous set of puzzles by Alexander Girard. Even though my four month old can’t stack them yet, she loves the vibrant colors and letters!!! Super cool and educational.


Okay-not to be bias but-this may be my FAVORITE toy my daughter received for her shower. Cuddle and Kind makes ethically produced, hand-made dolls, that FEED CHILDREN. Not only are they adorable but each purchase goes to a good cause. That’s a win-win to me.


So, let me get one thing straight from the get-go. I’m a children’s book FREAK. I mean seriously. Every time we are back in the states I salivate thinking about $5 bag book sales at libraries and adorable small bookstores. As for board books for my infant, these are a few of my favorites. It is super important for me that my daughter reads books that are inclusive. I want her to see characters from all races, genders, religions, cultures, and lifestyles.

I hope you found some of these ideas useful for your babe or as a gift-giver!! Cheers!

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