Art Projects in a Multi-Age Setting

Over the course of the year, I’ve worked with children ranging from ages 3-8 years old and I’ve been so grateful and blessed to use my “pinning” obsession to find Collaborative Art Projects that are beautiful, simple, COLORFUL, and inspiring to my students.

I thought I’d make life easier for you and compile a list of some of the projects I did with my kiddos as well as some of my top Pinterest finds!

Beach/Nature Clean-Up & Bottle Cap Art–You can turn this project into an entire month unit on environmental awareness! Collect bottle caps, take data on the colors you find, graph the colors you find, and then create ART with the bottle caps! My students created ocean scenes with their bottle caps on cardboard backgrounds…

Paint a SIGN together to hang in your community. Ours said, “Please Keep My Beach Clean.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.23.58 PM

Make a MURAL that connects with what you are learning about in class. The mural can be used as a backdrop for a Reader’s Theater’s Performance you do with your classroom or be used with toys during play time.


Make a large Alphabet Strip to hang in your classroom! We used markers and crayons but the sky’s the limit on this one!


This & That Art with Spirals and Shapes! Use buttons, feathers, paint, and anything and everything that is lying around!


Aesthetic Outburst’s Idea for Stick Collecting The possibilities are endless when you use nature as inspiration!


Kid’s Craft Room’s Nature Process Art We did this ALL the time this year! Sticks, stones, branches, twigs, leaves, etc. Nature process art is CHEAP & SIMPLE! It is also very grounding.


Flax & Twine’s Rainbow in a Jar


Buggy and Buddy’s Crumpled Paper

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.22.31 PM

Teach Preschool’s Let’s Make A Rainbow Together–We used paint brushes and a large piece of cardboard for this project. Older students decided to use designs to fill in the various areas on the rainbows, too.


Science Kiddo’s Rainbow Paper–I made a basic experiment book for the children to fill out prior to doing the experiment so they could predict, experiment, and reflect. The children LOVED this experiment and the rainbow paper turned out so cool. We found so many hidden images in the paper.


Children’s Education & Reading Success’ Alphabet Butterfly–I can’t find the link to this AWESOME idea, but my students loved this. We started by making the shape of the butterfly together and talked about symmetry. Next the students filled in the butterfly with the letters from THEIR name only. My three year old just practiced writing the first letter of her name. The final step was to fill the page with watercolors. These pictures turned out so lovely! I was thoroughly impressed.


Craft Whack’s Popsicle Stick Art


Art Bar’s Paper Chain Heart–This was such a beautiful and easy project. The kiddos just used card stock paper and painted it with watercolors. We ended up putting the chain together as a group and I wrote down each student’s name on one of their strips. Next, the other students brainstormed loving things to say about that student. We call our paper heart chain the “Chain of Love.” So pretty and what a beautiful message!


Small for Big’s Circle Paintings


The Crafty Crow’s Q-Tip Painting


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