Little Artists


ART. My heart is happy just thinking of loose objects & art supplies: rocks, gems, stones, paint, ribbon, yarn, crayons, chalk, markers, pencils, foil, paper, tissue paper. Chaos! Part of my transformative  journey in education is to vow to make art an integral part of every lesson…every part of learning.

Through art, our students express themselves in ways that words do not allow. Students grasp concepts through art. As a beginning artist (I believe we all have an artist deep inside), I’m allowing myself to take my time as I sketch or paint a picture to open up understanding to my students.

One of my students favorite experience is drawing or painting themselves, making portraits. I’ve seen great growth in this area and when a child draws himself/herself, you are able to look into a deeper part of their being.I recently began bringing out a mirror for students to look at as they create their portraits. My three year old student used the mirror as she painted herself!

Art cannot be separated from academics. It’s one of the main languages of the human.

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